How it works

Top tier management consultants have access to extensive libraries of slides and spreadsheets so they can create new presentations in hours rather than days.

Here we have built these slides and spreadsheets for you, so you can create better presentations without worrying about the right structure, the good storyline, or attractive and compelling layouts.

Just follow these five easy steps to get your own world-class presentation:

  • 01


    Download our template in a few simple clicks

  • 02


    Get access to a full toolbox of ready-to-use slides

  • 03

    Fill in

    Put in your own content (no need to worry about layout, format etc. - we’ve got that covered)

  • 04


    Change colors, font, and whatever else you want to match your company style

  • 05


    End up with a presentation that looks like it was made by premium management consultants - but at 1/1000 of the cost and half the time and effort from you

“These templates have been a life saver for me and my team! We used to waste so much time trying to build slides based on old decks or PDFs. This is so much easier and looks much more professional.”
Simon PerkinsStrategy Manager
Take your strategy work to the next level

Steal the templates and frameworks used by top management consultants. Decrease the time you spend structuring a storyline or creating new visuals.