About us

We are a team of ex-consultants from some of the top management consulting firms worldwide. Between us we have more than 30 years of experience creating, editing, and presenting slides, and we have worked and run dozens of projects on everything from strategy to digital transformation to supply chain management.

When you work as a consultant at a top tier firm you are schooled every day in best practice presentations and slide design. On top of this you have access to a vast library of presentations, spreadsheets and playbooks that can help you create new slides at the drop of a hat.

Now imagine that you could have access to that library of ready-to-use, best-practice presentations and spreadsheets. That instead of guessing what a strategy deck should look like or how you piece together a business case you could just download a plug-and-play version with everything you need.

That is why we have built Slideworks - to give you the consulting slide library you didn’t know you needed.

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Steal the templates and frameworks used by top management consultants. Decrease the time you spend structuring a storyline or creating new visuals.