Business Strategy Template

  • Created by ex-McKinsey & BCG consultants
  • 277 PowerPoint slides & 1 Excel model
  • 4 full-length, real Fortune500 strategy examples
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Business Strategy

What you get in this template

  • A comprehensive, end-to-end strategy presentation based on proven frameworks created by ex-McKinsey and BCG consultants
  • 277 PowerPoint slides organized in a complete storyline with best-practice slide-layouts, titles, and graphics
  • 4 real-life full-length examples from Fortune500 companies so you can see how a strategy is presented in other organizations
  • Helpful checklist used in top-tier consulting firms
  • Excel model to support your strategy document

Templates & Playbooks

Our Business Strategy Template is based on a proven framework

The template is centered around the best-practice business strategy ‘house’ as used by McKinsey and BCG

Our template takes you through all layers of a business strategy and helps you create a best-in-class presentation:

  1. Aspiration

    • Purpose: what is our reason-for-being?
    • Vision: where do want to be in 2-3-5-10 years?
  2. Strategic choices

    • Where do we want to play? What are our must-win battles?
    • Set of choices on what to do and not do that guide day-to-day decision making
  3. Strategic initiatives

    • How can we win these battles?
    • Specific initiatives and actions that are designed to achieve vision and goals within strategic choices
    • Linked to tangible, specific, measurable goals and KPIs
  1. Enablers

    • What do we need to have in place to move forward on our strategic initiatives?
    • Supportive actions or capabilities that are prerequisites for accomplishing initiatives
  2. Foundation

    • What is the foundation allowing us to achieve everything else?
    • How do we nurture and grow this foundation?

This template includes 277 slides based on proven frameworks, complete storyline with best-practice slide-layouts

“These templates have been a life saver for me and my team! We used to waste so much time trying to build slides based on old decks or PDFs. This is so much easier and looks much more professional.”
Simon PerkinsStrategy Manager

What can you use the Business Strategy template for?

The Business Strategy Template includes a fully structured storyline complete with ready-to-use slides, as well as frameworks, tools, tutorials, real-life examples, and best practices to help you:

  1. Create and present a complete, cohesive, well-structured business strategy
  2. Analyze your current position and starting point to build your future strategy on incl. current market dynamics, customer segments, customer behavior, internal performance and more
  3. Formulate your organization’s purpose and vision in clear, concise formats
  4. Formulate your organization’s strategic choices and priorities that will guide everything from strategic initiatives to day-to-day decision making
  1. Construct tangible, measurable, specific goals for your organization at all levels from overarching vision to individual business units, teams, and time frames
  2. Design specific strategic initiatives linked to measurable goals that align with your organization’s strategic choices
  3. Understand core enablers and foundational elements in your organization and analyze your status quo and what must be done to support and grow these to achieve your strategic goals

Fully customizable

Easy to recolor, tweak, and edit

Our PowerPoint and Excel templates are 100% customizable, meaning you can change everything from colors to fonts to layouts to footnotes. Match templates to your company format and color schemes with just a few easy clicks and give it your own personal style.

Fully customizable

Our team

Created by top-tier consultants

We’re a team of ex-consultants from McKinsey and BCG. Between us we have created thousands of presentations for every purpose and organizational level. Here we have distilled this experience into these templates for you so you can create similar best-practice, tried-and-tested presentations with none of the hassle.

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How to write a strategy document?

…and how the Business Strategy Template can support your process

What is a strategy document

To create an effective strategy document, it helps to first answer the question “What is a strategy document?”. In the world of management consulting, a strategy document typically refers to the slide deck delivered at the end of a strategy project that summarizes in clear, coherent terms what a company’s goals are and how they plan to achieve them. There are many frameworks and structures that can be used to facilitate this document, including the familiar where to play - how to win framing or the classic setup of

  • Mission & Vision
  • Targets (markets, customers, geography)
  • Value Proposition (products, services, pricing)
  • Go-to-Market (sales, marketing, distribution)
  • Organization (people, processes, technology, partners).

How the Business Strategy Template can support your process

The end goal of the strategy process is to formulate a comprehensive business model strategy that lays out the goal, direction, and plan in a clear, structured, and to-the-point document that can be used and shared throughout the organization.

As mentioned, there are many ways to structure a document like this and your organization may already have a slide template to use as a starting point. If you do not, you can use our Business Strategy presentation template to jumpstart your process of crafting your strategy and to ensure your final presentation follows best-practice storylines and includes all the core elements of an effective strategy document. The Business Strategy Template is composed of both ready-to-use slides for you to populate and customize as you need, and perhaps more importantly several real-world Fortune 500 examples of full strategy documents so you can see how these look at other companies.

Implementing the strategy

Effective execution distinguishes a good strategy from a great one. Translating strategy into purposeful action requires consistent messaging and meticulous planning. As the strategy solidifies, ensuring the right people, decision-making processes, accountability structures, and execution pace are in place is essential.

In essence, creating an impactful strategy involves collaborative workshops, analysis, research, and a commitment to implementation. The journey from questioning to execution defines a company's growth trajectory and success.

The five fundamental questions for strategy development

Regardless of the framework that is chosen, the creation of a strategy document always requires you to answer five fundamental questions:

  1. What is our current business context in terms of our own business performance, industry, competitive landscape, and macro environment, and how do we expect it to impact us in the future?
  2. Where do we have a competitive advantage (customer segments, markets, geographies) and how can we continue to build that competitive advantage in terms of value delivered, differentiation of value proposition, and efficiency and effectiveness of our go-to-market strategy?
  3. What are our major strategic pillars and necessary choices to create and sustain those competitive advantages? What does success look like?
  4. What are the associated strategic initiatives we need to put in place to implement those choices and achieve those goals, and what underlying enablers or structures do we need in the organization to support those initiatives?
  5. How does this all come together in a cohesive plan so we ensure we have the right resources and governance in place to effectively drive strategic change?

For most businesses, strategy revolves around focus—aligning their business model with customer value, competitive differentiation, and ROI improvement. Crafting a strategy frequently involves deciding what not to do, freeing up resources for impactful endeavors. Strengths and weaknesses within the business model also quickly become apparent. By focusing on target customer segments and aligning various elements, companies can tap into their growth potential. See our blog post “5 Key Elements of a Successful Strategy” for more practical tips.

Take your strategy work to the next level

Steal the templates and frameworks used by top management consultants. Decrease the time you spend structuring a storyline or creating new visuals.