Meet Wolfe, your personal Al management consultant

Save thousands on consultants with Wolfe. He's read every business book there is, studied millions of slides and reports, and can act as a co-pilot on all a wide range of business questions.


Your personal AI consulting co-pilot

Wolfe combines the most powerful generative language models with the knowledge and experience of the world’s best management consultants.

Our technology expands our users capabilities by leveraging AI to tackle complex challenges with agility and structure. Wolfe can also make tedious tasks such as research, drafting, analysis, and communication easier and more efficient.

Templates & Playbooks

Examples of prompts you can ask Wolfe

Provide structure and frameworks

Create a story-line for a presentation referencing these notes
Provide a framework for digital transformation project with step-by-step instructions

Solve business problems

What are ways to reduce churn in the business described in this document
Who can we optimize our pricing cycle as a lever for profitability

Write and rewrite content

Consolidate this presentation into an executive summary
Suggest 5 active headlines for this slide

Improve language

Rewrite this page in the style of a management consultant
Reformat this text into 5 MECE bullet points

Data analysis & insights

Analyze this dataset and suggest reasons for the slowing sales growth rate
What interesting patterns and trends can you identify from the data

Conduct market research

What are the key trends shaping the US consumer paint market
How does consumer perceive brand X relative to brand Y

Our team

Created by top-tier consultants

Wolfe is a generative AI founded by a group of ex-consultants and developers in partnership with Slideworks, a company that understands business strategy tools and templates better than most. We partner with corporate teams and consultants to augment their expertise with cutting-edge AI.

Meet Wolfe, your personal Al management consultant

We aren’t publicly previewing our product just yet, but are happy to give access to select companies and partners.