54 Real BCG Presentations, free to download

Updated: Aug 29, 2023
54 Real BCG Presentations, free to download

When creating a new presentation or project report it can be helpful to see how others have done it in the past. 

Here, we have gathered some slide decks from BCG (The Boston Consulting Group) that are publicly available across the internet. To make it easier for you to get an overview, we've divided them into categories and sorted them chronologically.

Some of the decks are .pptx-files but most are .pdf or only available in an online version. There are several longer, interesting client reports but be aware that these are for the most part older. In addition, there are several industry reports and conference/speaker decks, as well as a full-length client proposal.

You can find similar lists of presentations for McKinsey here and Bain here.

If you want to see some recent real-life consulting slides used with corporate clients, go to our templates to get specific full-length case examples related to each topic.

Full list of available presentations:

Client projects:




Industry reports/market overviews: